Original Japanese WWII Civil Defense Gas Mask with Hose and Filter Canister - Excellent Condition

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. We rarely see Japanese gas masks this nice! This is an excellent condition genuine WWII Civil Defense issue Japanese rubberized face mask with metal rimmed lenses. It is the type with the larger external filter, attached to the mask by way of a rubberized canvas hose. It has the "nose vent", only seen on the civil defense issue masks, and the condition is simply incredible. There is almost no sigh of the usual rubber deterioration that we usually see on WII Japanese gas masks.

There were many different revisions made during the Pre-WWII and early war years, as well as manufacturing design differences, so positive identification can be different. These versions also were available with a directly attached filter, or a larger filter on a hose. There were also Military, Civic Defense, and Civilian versions, which could often be used interchangeably, further muddying the waters, so to speak.  As best we can tell, this looks to be a type 91 or 95 style.

This particular design has a hose-attached filter, with the exhale valve located directly under the nose. The air intake goes directly into "Tissot" tubes, which direct the air right onto the lenses, to help with fogging, a common issue for all gas masks. The lenses are retained by fixed clamped lenses, both of which are in excellent condition, with no cracks or discoloration. There is minimal age of any kind shown on the mask, which is ink stamp marked on the outside. The rubberized canvas is great and flexible, with no issues we can see. The buckles still retain most of their paint, and the straps are in great shape, with intact and functional elastic.

The filter can is in great shape, with great paint, and no dents or rust. The original instruction label is still fully intact, and quite legible, though it is in Japanese. The hose is soft and flexible, with no cracking or wear that we can see. The filter even still has the original bottom plug, with attaching string, though the little prong it attaches to on the bottom of the filter has broken off. That is pretty much the only real "issue" on the entire mask.

These are always difficult to find in any condition, much less excellent condition such as this fine example. Probably the best Japanese WWII gas mask that we've ever had.

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