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Original Japanese WWII Civil Defense Fire Brigade Helmet with Skirt and Post-war Insignia

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a good example of a Japanese WWII Fire Brigade helmet, complete with the original "skirt" which wraps around the head for protection from fire and smoke. It is a WWII issue pattern, however it was in service post war, and had the original civil defense fire insignia on the front replaced by a 1950 pattern Fire Brigade insignia. It also has had a large number 4 painted on the side, which aided in identification when the firefighter was fully equipped, and only the eyes were visible.

This example does not have any bands around the skirt, indicating that it was for the lowest rank (消防手) of firefighter. It still has the original securing loops inside for the chin strap, though they are quite worn, and the original chin strap is unfortunately missing. The original cherry blossom crown piece is nice shape, though it has some paint loss.

These helmets were overall unfortunately not very effective at protection from fire or from falling debris, so they were phased out relatively quickly in the post war period.

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