Original Japanese WWII 3rd Marine Division Signed Flag - Okinawa

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Silk Japanese WWI flag measures 27" x 34" and is in good condition. This WWII flag was captured and written on when the 3rd Marine Division was stationed in Okinawa in 1956. Features a wonderful deception of a traditional Jpanese woman playing a samisen musical instrument and is ink marked as follows:


To Pete: Best of luck K.K. Don Ryan Noppo

United we meet in 57. The best of luck Bob Harrage R.A. 1-7397

To A Swell Guy That I'll Never Forget. All The luck in the world. Truman D Harris Santa Monica, Calif

Clyde Savage Detroit, Michigan

To a real man and a wonderful friend who deserves the best - Frank "hawk" Hawkins Wildwood, N.J


To Pete, just keep on singing K-K-KATHY no one sings it like you do.  Wilson

To P-P-Pete, The best of L-L-Luck shortimer R.A Matty Nick P.A

To Pete: Take it easy and play it cool. I wish you luck and hope you make staft. Your Pal Blas C. Rodriguez

John Panchaca  Spokane, Washington

Don "Petey" Schaffer Easton, Pennsylvania

Walt Bonner Columbus, GA

To one of the best in the "far east" see you in Cleveland, "East Side" Ross Maenza 56' - 57'

Hermilo Cruz Jr. "54-57"

Roy a. Caldwell Albany, N.Y.

Xul B. May Long Branch, Calif

If your ever in San Diego look me up Harry V Hall

Tony Zeffiro Buffalo 6 New York

To a Real Great Guy Best of Luck  Bill Hood

Best Of Luck Jerry L Harp

Best of Luck to a great guy Pineli Brautar

Best Of Luck to a Swell Guy Pine Blugg, DNK

Who goes home first? Harry HR. Hall  

Best of luck "Pete: Ben Neartero - Bass Weatherford, Oklahoma

Best Of Luck to a swell guy Carney D . Pue Longview, Texas

My bet wishes Good luck Pete David Koskoska

John Weatherhill July '58

Earl J Eues Margam City, LA

Kenneth Switch Poughkeepsie N.Y Best Of Luck to a swell guy

Frank J Kerman New Orleans, LA

John R Kintoa Portland, Oreg

To the Big Fat Kid, Your financial manager Merle (OX) Oxley Corwith, Iowa

Donald C. McCain Tyler Texas

Lots Of Luck to a swell guy Robert C Errin Okla City Okla

Marvin Bletach Waco, Texas

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