Original Japanese Model 1871 Percussion Carbine Marked Chikuma Prefecture c.1871-1876

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is truly rare! It is a possibly previously unknown type of Japanese carbine, of which we can trace no other example. A Japanese made Percussion Carbine with a matchlock type rifled front barrel measuring 26 1/2" in length having a typical Japanese Matchlock rear sight. Unmarked side action percussion lock with hammer featuring a Scandinavian-style cocking "ring". All brass mounts of trigger guard, barrel band, nose band and Butt plate. The carbine is virtually full stocked all except for about 3" of the barrel, and retains its original ram rod. The Butt is strangely cut in typical Japanese fashion, again reminiscent of the Match Lock.

The rear of the barrel on the left-hand side bears numerous Japanese characters which a Japanese woman kindly translated for us. (her scrap of translated paper in Japanese and English will be enclosed with the Carbine for it's eventual owner. This states:- 七 (7th) Ko, Serial number 一二五六 (1256), 1871, CHIKUMA prefecture/province.

Research tells us this CHIKUMA Prefecture only existed from 1871 until 1876. Originally, it had been part of Shinano Province (信州) until the 1871 Meiji restoration, when it was administratively separated into Nagano (長野) and Chikuma (千曲) prefectures(県). These two tentative governmental and territorial units were reconfigured together again in 1876 into the current Nagano Prefecture (長野県). This rather limits the period of this Carbine's possible manufacture to between 1871 and 1876.

Another fascinating feature is on the left hand side there appears to be a 13" saddle bar laid into the stock,which secures the middle brass band to the front and connects to the rear of the lock. Very deliberately inlet, there is no room for a sliding saddle ring so the intended use of this bar escapes us. A truly RARE Japanese Percussion Carbine from a time when Japan was just opening its doors to the Western Powers.

Most intriguing and ready to display, never before encountered. A fantastic research opportunity!


Years of Manufacture: circa 1871-1876
Caliber: about .55 in
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: 26 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 39 1/2 inches
Action: Side Action Percussion Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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