Original Japanese Katana Samurai Sword with Black Lacquered Scabbard and Sageo - Ancient Handmade Blade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Purchased directly from a private collection, this is a wonderful condition Japanese katana. The blade is genuine and ancient, as indicated by a few tell tale characteristics that include:

- Holes in the tang are punched and not drilled. The two holes indicate that the blade has been refit at least once, probably shortening it slightly.

- Tang is shows oxidation and great age. It looks to be signed, but it has rust on the tang that should not be removed. The collector we purchased it from estimated it was possibly as old as the 18th century.

- Folded steel blade (fold lines are evident on the body and spine of the blade)

- Clear grain ("hada") in the body of the blade, showing lamination.

- Vibrant visible temper line ("hamon") with nie and nioi crystals apparent.

Offered in very good condition with a clear temper line, it is still very sharp and nearly nick free. There are some blade wounds (kizu), which are caused by small carbon and air pockets in the steel from when it was originally folded. These are normal and confirm the authenticity. Blade length is approximately 25 1/2 inches and overall length of 36 inches. Handmade blade, with the typical "Futsu" shape tang, with a haagari (assymetrically rounded) tip. Two mounting holes are present, though only one is in use.

The handle features a nice round tsuba (cross guard) with menuki (grip decoration), and a nice Kashira (End Cap), one bamboo securing peg still present. Excellent stingray (Sa-Me) grip with complete Ito (cloth binding). The Scabbard (saya) is wood, with a beautiful gloss black lacquer finish. It has a few small dents, but is highly attractive and definitely top quality. There is a correctly tied black sageo around the kurikata (knob) on the scabbard.  This cord would be used for tying the saya to the obi when in traditional Japanese dress.

We do not get many blades of this age in, and this would make a worthy addition to any sword collection.

It has been over one thousand years ago that the art of making swords appeared in Japan. The swordsmiths of the time may not have known it but they were creating a legendary sword. The Samurai sword has seen combat in many battlefields. From the early days of the Samurai warrior to the fierce battles in the South Pacific during WWII.

Each hand-made Samurai sword is unique because it is forged from multiple pieces of folded steel stock, which are then laminated together. A tremendous amount of work is dedicated to creating these pieces. They were an instrument of war as much as a beautiful artifact to adorn a room. They were also relatively expensive, and would be passed down in the family for generations, until the blade was too worn to be polished and put in a new setting.

The Samurai sword has grown to be one of the most highly desired military antiques.

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