Original Italy WWII Medal and Uniform Insignia Lot - 16 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Group of 16 Available. This is an exceptional grouping for the Italian militaria collectors out there. This is a lovely lot of 16 items ranging from medals, uniform insignias, pins and more! Perfect for both the seasoned collectors and new collectors alike!

The Items Featured In This Lot:

- Alpini Officer Shoulder Boards: This is a lovely pair of shoulder boards featuring bullion insignia and 3 rank stars.
- Italian Heavy Artillery Cap Insignia: Yellow insignia on a black background. Some of the yellow stitching on the canons is frayed and torn but does not take away from the beauty.
- G.I.L. Cap Badge: In the 1920's and 1930's the fascist party promised youth, not only jobs and an education, but to be part of a movement that would purify a nation. The G.I.L. (Gioventu Italiana de Littorio") was formed in 1937 through recruitment done by MVSN members. The youth, through sports and pre-military drilling that were taught through elementary and middle schools, was used to perpetuate the ideology of the MVSN.
- (6) Enameled Lapel Pins
- (2) Miniature Medals With Ribbons: The 1915-1918 War Medal and 1915-1918 Commemorative Cross.
- Sardinian Crimean War Medal: The medal is made in silver with a blue watered ribbon. The obverse shows a crown with laurel and palm branch surrounding the arms of Savoy, with the inscription “Al Valore Militare“.
- Unidentified International Championship Medal: The reverse bears the inscription “FIERA DI MILANO CAMPIONARIA INTERNAZIONALE 12 - 27 APRILE "
- Medal for the War Volunteer 1915-1918: The medal is circular. The obverse depicts the crowned head of “Italia” and the inscription “PER L’ITALIA” (or “For Italy“). The reverse bears a naked warrior bearing a shield and a veiled woman behind him. Around the rim of the medal is the inscription “VOLONTARIO DI GVERRA” (“War volunteer” and no dates of the war).
The WW2 version of the medal has the dates 1936-1939 in Roman figures in the obverse, and the letters A.O.I (Africa Orientale Italiana, Italian East Africa) on the reverse. Many medals had no dates inscribed on them.
- Mother's Medal of the Fascist Union of Large Families With 7 Bows for 7 Children: The Union was established in 1937 and its goal was the support of families with many children. The medal was instituted in 1939 and was awarded to mothers of more than 5 children. With 7 bows on the ribbon (for 7 kids). Maker marked by the Italian Royal Mint. The award of the medal was discontinued in 1950.

All items come more than ready for further research and display!

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