Original Italy WWI to WWII Military Awards and Decorations Lot - 14 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 14 Available. This is a fantastic assortment of Italian Military Medals, Awards and Decorations. All awards are in wonderful order and are perfect for the young collector looking for a place to start or for the veteran collector needing items to complete displays!

A Few Medals Featured In This Lot:
- Allied Victory Medal (Italy): The Allied Victory Medal was the Italian variant of the Victory Medal of other nations. It was established by royal decree number 1918 on 16 December 1920, which granted it to all who had been awarded the "fatiche di guerra" distinction by royal decree number 641 of 21 May 1916, or who had served for four months in an area under the jurisdiction of the armed forces and who had been mobilised and directly worked with the operational army.

A public competition to design it was won by Gaetano Orsolini, with his design of 'Victory on a triumphal chariot, with the torch of liberty, drawn by four yoked lions'.

- Commemorative Medal for the Italo-Austrian War 1915–1918: The Commemorative Medal for the Italo-Austrian War 1915–1918 was the Italian campaign medal for World War I. Bronze clasps can be attached to the ribbon to recall the years of participation in the war with the clasps: "1915", "1916", "1917" and "1918"which are present on this example. In 1921, King Victor Emmanuel III also commissioned the clasps marked "Albania 1919" and "Albania 1920" for participants in this military campaign.

- Commemorative Medal of the Unity of Italy With Replacement Ribbon: The Italian Risorgimento was celebrated by a series of medals set up by the three kings who ruled during the long process of unification - the Commemorative Medal for the Campaigns of the War of Independence and the various versions of the Commemorative Medal of the Unity of Italy, which were granted by the Kingdom of Italy to those who had taken part in the military operations which had led to Italian independence and later to all who participated in the First World War, since at that time it was traditionally held that Italy completed its unification with the annexation of the Trentino. Its final awards were to participants in the March on Rome and the Impresa di Fiume.

- Kingdom of Italy War Merit Cross: The War Merit Cross is an Italian military decoration. It was instituted by King Victor Emmanuel III during World War I on 19 January 1918. The award received major changes during World War II and is issued by the Italian Republic as well.

- Italian Africa Oriental Campaign Medal: Italian Africa Oriental Campaign Medal issued for the campaign in Ethiopia in 1936.

The rest of the medals and awards are in good condition and a few to be Greek military medals as well. This lot is a perfect candidate for further research.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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