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Original Italian WWII Royal Italian Army Medical Corps Officers Peaked Visor Cap by Unione Militare of Rome

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely example of a complete visor with bullion insignia for an Italian Royal Army Medical Officer. In March 1919 Benito Mussolini established the, Fascio di Combattimento, (Union of Combatants), political party in Milan and fascism was born in Italy. Shortly afterwards the FdC adopted the black shirts that the anarchist laborers of the Romagna region of Italy had worn previously. Mussolini was first elected as a member of the Chamber of Deputies in the general election of 1921. In a fortunate set of circumstances, due to a general strike, economic chaos and a dissatisfied populace, Mussolini was able to depose Premier Luigi Facta and was appointed as Premier by King Victor Emmanuel III following the infamous "March on Rome", on October 28TH 1922. Now with Mussolini’s Partito Nazonale Fascita, (National Fascist Party), firmly in control the black shirts were to become ubiquitous through-out Italy. A decree of February 1ST 1923 reorganized the fascist militia and introduced a new designation, MVSN, Milizia Volontaria Sicurezza Nazonale, (Volunteer National Security Militia). The Italian army had originally adopted a grey-green uniform in 1909 which remained in use until it underwent modifications in 1925. The 1925 uniform underwent further modifications in 1933 and again in 1935 and remained basically unchanged through-out WWII.

The visor is constructed of a grey, wool/rayon, gabardine. Rank insignia consisting of one, single width, gilt tress, around the centerband, signifying rank of “Sottotenente”, Second Lieutenant. THe front bullion insignia is a wonderful example and the threading is retained quite nicely, only minor loss to the center white. The black patent finished visor still retains most of its reinforced edging material and stitching, and is medium green to its underside. The cap has its original black patent leather chinstrap, with dual adjustment sliders, fixed by gilt-washed alloy buttons, with embossed Artillery insignia. The light brown leather sweatband is fully intact. The cap is fully lined in goldish green, artificial silk. Remnants of the original celluloid shield is present. Nicely maker marked "UNIONE MILITARE ROMA".

A lovely example more than ready for display!

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