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Original Italian WWII M35 Red Devil Grenade by OTO - Bomba a Mano Mod. 35

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Original Item: Very Few Available. Italian WWII Model 1935 grenades offered in good condition with original paint. Each has been deactivated to be completely inert according to BATF guidelines.

Officially called Italian Bomba a Mano Mod. 35 these are a series of high explosive hand grenades used by the Italian Army during World War II. There were three main variation which were apparently developed more or less simultaneously and all have same numerical designation; M35. They are offensive types of thin sheet metal construction (mostly aluminum) with Always impact fuzes. Painted a vivid red and having a notorious reputation of being dangerous when found in an unexploded condition they were nicknamed "Red Devils" by the British during the 1941-42 desert campaigns.


It is interesting to note that external size is not a very good indication of the explosive capacity of each grenade. While the OTO outwardly is the smallest of the three types of M35 grenades, SRCM and BREDA being the other two, a greater percentage of the OTO internal volume was devoted to explosive.

These grenades are commonly identified by the manufacturer's company logo stamped on the grenade. The OTO logo is embossed on the base of the grenade. All grenades show wear from age and will have paint chips, dins and minor imperfections.
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