Original Italian WWII M.V.S.N. Fascist Militia Blackshirts Nickel-Plated Dagger with Belt Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza NSDAPonale (MVSN, "Voluntary Militia for National Security"), commonly called the Blackshirts, was originally the paramilitary wing of the National Fascist Party and, after 1923, an all-volunteer militia of the Kingdom of Italy under Fascist rule. Its members were distinguished by their black uniforms (modelled on those of the Arditi, Italy's elite troops of World War I) and their loyalty to Benito Mussolini, the Duce (leader) of Fascism, to whom they swore an oath. The founders of the paramilitary groups were nationalist intellectuals, former army officers and young landowners opposing peasants' and country labourers' unions. Their methods became harsher as Mussolini's power grew, and they used violence and intimidation against Mussolini's opponents. In 1943, following the fall of the Fascist regime, the MVSN was integrated into the Royal Italian Army and disbanded.

This type of MVSN dagger was a mostly ceremonial item, worn by members of the Blackshirts as a symbol of authority, much as the SA in Germany did. The dagger measures 11 inches overall, with a 6 3/4 inch nickel-plated blade. The blade does have a sharp edge on the bottom, so it definitely could be used, but they rarely were, as "Pugio" daggers were much more up to the task. This example however has had the lower edge sharpened, and was used, though not much. It also has runner wear from the scabbard.

The eagle's head shaped handle is fabricated from aluminum and has a small quillon/crossguard. It is excellent condition, with no oxidation or scaling, which is rarely seen. The are black plastic plates embedded on either side and held in place by a single brass screw, which screws into the back of a brass Fasces insignia on the other side. The Fasces is a bundle of sticks with an axe head, and is the symbol of the Fascist party in Italy. Most likely the insignia was originally gilt, but that has faded.

The dagger comes complete with its Nickel-Plated scabbard, with a bullion belt loop on the back. The scabbard is in good condition, and has most of the plating intact. However it has a significant dent on the outer side, which has caused the plating to flake away in that area.

Offered in very collectible condition, these are always hard to find in any condition. Ready to display!

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