Original Italian WWII Excelsior-Thevenot P2 "Ballerina" Stick Fragmentation Grenade - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice condition Italian WWII Excelsior-Thevenot P2 Stick Fragmentation grenade, a very rare grenade to find, offered in totally inert condition. The grenade, often nicknamed "Ballerina", is definitely an interesting design, and this is the first example we have even seen.

It is a "defensive" design, and features a warhead filled with shrapnel and explosives. It features a fuse with a propeller on the end, which would release the striker pin during flight, and it was intended to detonate on impact. As originally produced these had a "skirt" around the handle, intended to make sure it flew in the correct direction to activate the fuse. Even with this provision, there were many grenades that failed to arm in the air, landing with no explosion.

This example definitely looks to be one such "dud", and probably was left on the field for some time, resulting in oxidation to the warhead, as well as rotting out of the "skirt". The bottom fitting of the warhead is missing, so the stick has been put directly inside the explosives cavity, but can be removed. Measures about 13 1/2" long with a diameter of 2 1/2

These are exceptionally rare! Ready to display!

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