Original Italian WWI Lenticolare M14 Discus Hand Grenade with Brass Fuze Holder

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just purchased from a private collection! Offered in very good condition with original paint and the original brass fuze cover! It's very rare to see an Italian Lenticolare M14 Discus grenade in this nice and complete condition. It has been deactivated to be completely inert according to BATF guidelines.

As the name suggests, these grenades have a lenticular "biconvex" shape, just like the discus thrown in Track & Field events. The grenade was also thrown the same way, with the spin imparted aiding in the stability of flight. It was detonated by a cord fuze, which was held in place by the brass fuze cap. The fuze would be lit before throwing, and would hopefully be timed right so it detonated soon after landing.

This example is in great shape, with the original brass fuse cover/holder, and still unscrews to show the internal structure and detonator tube. The internals are a bit rusty, due to age and also reactions from the explosives and propellant.  Measures approximately 4 1/2 inches across.

A very nice example of a rare WWI Italian grenade, ready to display!

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