Original Italian WWI Inert 25.4 x 87mm 1” Cartridge For The FIAT-Revelli 25.4mm M1917 Automatic Cannon

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare example of an inert round as used with the Italian FIAT-Revelli M-1917 Auto Cannon. The round is totally inert and void of any combustible material. This example is in compliance with the current BATF standards governing inert ordnance.

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The FIAT-Revelli da 25.4 Mod. 1917 was an automatic cannon designed by the Kingdom of Italy during the First World War and used both as an aeronautical weapon and as a trench cannon.

The weapon was created to fill the need for a light artillery piece for the bombers of the Aeronautical Service. The project was entrusted in 1913 to the prolific Abiel Bethel Revelli of Beaumont. After full production start in 1916, 200 cannons were commissioned from Fiat with a similar product manufactured by Vickers-Terni, they initially equipped 12 Caproni Ca.3s and from January 1918 the SP3s (development of the Savoia-Pomilio SP.2 ) of the 16th Squadriglia. With the rapid and adventurous evolution of aerial warfare, the conclusion was reached that the aircraft should only be armed with machine guns, despite the fact that the weapon had proved to be reliable.

The gun was unsuccessfully offered to the British Air Force, which considered the gun to be an illegal copy of their Vickers 1 Pr Mk. III (different from the Vickers-Armstrong QF 2 lb "Pom-Pom"), and the French, fully satisfied with their Vickers machine gun in 11 × 59 mmR, was concerned by the difficulties of producing fuses for small projectiles such as 25.4.

The 25.4 Mod. 1917 was instead more successful as a trench gun for direct support to the infantry and not in the air.

The round itself measures approximately 6” in height with a 1” base. There are no dates of manufacture present on either the projectile or the casing. The bottom of the casing is stamped with “MB” an abbreviation for Metallurgica Bresciana, a known manufacturer of munitions as well as the Glisenti Model 1910 9mm service pistol. The driving band on the projectile is stamped with MARZOLI for the firm of Fratelli Marzoli.

A wonderful example of a rather rare cartridge from WWI. Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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