Original Italian Set of 3 WWII - Post War M35 Grenades by BREDA and SRCM - Bomba a Mano Mod. 35

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice set of three Italian Model 1935 grenades from WWII and Post War, offered in good condition with original paint. All three have been deactivated to be completely inert according to BATF guidelines. The set consists of two WWII Grenades by BREDA, and one Post War Yellow Smoke Grenade by SRCM.

Officially called Italian Bomba a Mano Mod. 35, these were a series of high explosive hand grenades used by the Italian Army during World War II. There were three main variations, which were apparently developed more or less simultaneously and all have same numerical designation; M35. They are offensive types of thin sheet metal construction (mostly aluminum) with Always impact fuzes. Painted a vivid red and having a notorious reputation of being dangerous when found in an unexploded condition they were nicknamed "Red Devils" by the British during the 1941-42 desert campaigns. The SCRM version was definitely the most advanced of the various models, and this version continued to be used up into the 1970s.

The two well worn red grenades were made by Breda Meccanica Bresciana, a manufacturing company founded by Ernesto Breda in Milan in 1886. They developed and manufactured Aircraft, Locomotives, as well as several models of machine guns used during the WWII Period.

Mod. 35 grenades are commonly identified by the manufacturer's company logo stamped on the grenade. The BREDA logo is embossed on the base of this grenade.  Both retain a good amount of their original red paint, though one is clearly in better condition, and that one also still has the original steel "spoon", pull tab, and fuze installed. These are quite hard to find in this condition, as Breda made the spoon out of steel, so they quickly rust away when left in the field.

The yellow smoke grenade is easily identified by the large smoke holes in the top and bottom. This example is simply wonderful, with almost all of the original paint present, and minimal denting. It has the original spoon, the original rubber pull tab, small safety chain, and makes a simply lovely display piece. The bottom unscrews, allowing the internal structure to be viewed and inspected. This example has just about all of the various internal components, without explosive and smoke compound of course.

The grenade is marked LPN 10 - 14 on one side of the spoon, and dated 1972 on the other. While not maker marked, the shape and design clearly indicates manufacture by  Società Romana Costruzioni Meccaniche. The SCRM grenade has an interesting internal safety feature that set it apart from the OTO and Breda designs. It remained virtually unchanged throughout its decades-long service.
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