Original Israeli 82mm B-300 Bazooka Mk4 Inert Training Rocket

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. Only One Available. Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with hollow body and deactivated propulsive charge. This Mk4 bazooka round cannot be converted to an explosive device and is not available for export.

This is a very nice Mk4 Inert Training Rocket for use with the Israeli Issue B-300 Anti-Tank launcher system, often called a "bazooka", as it follows the basic design of the original developed by the United States during WWII. It is the correct blue for Inert ordnance, and bears the correct Israeli markings on the plastic inert warhead. It measures approximately 26 inches long, and still retains the fuse on the tip, and the ignition plug at the rear.

Overall condition is very good, with light staining and wear to the paint. Ready to display!

The B-300 "Bazooka" is a reusable man-portable anti-tank weapon system developed by Israel Military Industries in the late 1970s for use by the Israel Defense Forces. The B-300 can be carried and operated by a single operator and is effective to approximately 400 meters (1,312 ft). Pre-packaged munitions and simple operating mechanisms make the weapon quite versatile, permitting use by airborne, motorized, and ground troops alike. When defense publications first heard reports of the B-300 in the early 1980s, various reports stated in error that it was an Israeli improved and manufactured version of the Russian RPG-7.

Munitions used by the B-300 are propelled by a solid rocket motor, and can be equipped with one of two warhead variants. The first, high-explosive anti-tank round, provides specialized support for anti-tank missions. The second, known as a high-explosive follow-through round, is designed for use against fortified targets or enemy units behind cover. A primary charge punches a hole through the protective structure, allowing a secondary anti-personnel charge to pass through and detonate within the building. The B-300 was produced during the 1980s and entered service in limited quantities within Israeli Defense Forces SF units.

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