Original Islamic Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistol circa 1820

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fabulous silver mounted flintlock pistol, 21 inches in overall length and dating from the early 19th Century about 1820.

Originating most probably in Turkey, part of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, this is precisely the sidearm carried throughout the Islamic world at the time stretching from the Crimea all around the Middle East to the Eastern Mediterranean and West across the Northern Shores of Africa as far as Algeria and Gibraltar at the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.

As used by the Barbary pirates, camel mounted Arabs and Turkish Pashas alike, this was the type of weapon used against the "Infidel" fashioned after European flintlock pistols of 100 years earlier this particular example has a true elegance not often found in Islamic pistols.

Fully Silver mounted with heavy decorated eared butt cap, open work side plate, engraved Trigger Guard and very ornate Silver barrel sheath, a typical Middle Eastern Islamic characteristic. Embossed steel barrel and lock, often taken from earlier European weapons, make this particular flintlock pistol a real eye stopper.

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