Original Islamic Republic of Iran Banner Flag made by Soviet Russia - 77.5" x 24.5"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Well this is really something quite interesting to see. Here we have a Banner, or possibly a very long flag, for the Islamic Republic of Iran. It measures 77.5 inches long, with a height of 24.5 inches, and looks to be of wool or light canvas construction. It has the usual red Iranian Tawhid emblem, which symbolizes the one-ness of Allah / God.

The header has halyard loops on either end, and has markings in Russian, including what appears to be a date of 1989г., in the standard Russian format, where г. is the abbreviation for год (year). It's a bit unclear, and we thought it could be 1983, but that was in the middle of the Iran-Iraq war, so it is unlikely that the USSR would have made anything for Iran during that period. 1989 however is after that conflict ended, and towards the fall of the Soviet Union, they had increased relations with Iran, so this flag is most likely from that time period. It may have been made to hang in/outside an embassy possibly.

Very rare and offered in very good condition. There is some age toning in the flag, but nothing major. Definitely an interesting late cold war artifact, ready to display!

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