Original Iraqi National Battle Flag - Operation Iraqi Freedom Bring Back - 35" x 52"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original Iraqi National battle flag, captured during the 2003 invasion known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. This design of flag was the national flag from January 13, 1991 – August 5, 2004, and was originally introduced during the Persian Gulf War. The design of the flag was modified by Flag Law No. 6 of 1991 at the instigation of Saddam Hussein. The new design added the takbīr (the phrase Allahu akbar, meaning "God is great" in Arabic) in green between the stars. The form of the takbīr was said to be Saddam's own handwriting. Many interpreted the addition of the sacred Islamic text as an attempt to garner wartime support from previously outlawed religious Iraqi leaders, to stop the disrespect of the Iraqi flag in Iraqi-occupied Kuwait.

After the Persian Gulf War Ended, this flag was retained until 2004, when the U.S.-appointed Iraqi interim administration modified the existing flag. The basic form of the existing flag was retained; however, the takbīr was rendered in traditional stylized Kufic script, as opposed to the handwriting of Saddam Hussein, which was offensive to the majority of Iraqi citizens.

This particular example is double-sided and constructed of synthetic silk cloth, with transferred decal stars and Arabic writing. The flag measures 35"H x 52"W, with a decorative gold colored fringe around 3 out of 4 sides of the flag. The condition is excellent, with minimal wear or damage.

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