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Original Items: Only One Group Available. Ever since the beginning of time, when two or more countries were at war, soldiers would acquire items worn by the opposing force. Soldiers would swap uniform items with other soldiers, whether it be small pins and insignia to actual clothing and equipment. During WWII the allies would swap insignia, patches, boots etc and they would also “acquire” items worn and used by the opposing forces and send them home. The militaries of the 21st century still uphold the habit of acquiring these such items and this grouping is a prime example of that.

Surrendering Iraqi soldiers during the Invasion of Iraq led by U.S. forces would discard weapons and equipment all over the battlefield. There are many stories and accounts of American troops moving up to a position and all that would be left would be piles of uniforms, helmets, web gear and weapons. A Lot of Americans would stow away this gear in their packs in the hopes of sending them home or bringing them home on their person. This grouping was brought back in that fashion by an American who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The items included in this group are the following items:
- x2 Iraqi M80 Helmets: The helmets are painted tan and the other a light green. The tan M80 has no suspension, lining or webbing and the green one has only a chin strap. The Iraqi M80 Helmet is a military helmet made of compressed canvas used by the Iraqi Armed Forces from the early 1980s onwards. They were used in the Iran–Iraq War, the Persian Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm, and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq/Operation Iraqi Freedom. These helmets were originally manufactured and designed in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Department or H.H. Didizian, both are South Korean companies, but in 1990 an Iraqi-made version appeared, which is usually fitted with a distinctive rubber rim. Both types of helmet are still in limited service with the Iraqi Security Forces but are being replaced by the American PASGT helmet.

- Special Republican Guard Maroon Beret: The beret shows signs of heavy use and wear with minor tearing and fading. The Iraqi Special Republican Guard (SRG), also known as the Special Forces Brigade of the Presidential Palace, Republican Guard Special Protection Forces, or the Golden Division, was an Iraqi personal security force founded in either early 1992 or March 1995 in Ba'athist-era Iraq. The Special Republican Guard was controlled by the Special Security Organization and charged with protecting President Saddam Hussein, presidential sites, Baghdad, and responding to any rebellion, coup, or other threat to his power.

- P58 Ammo Pouch: This is an Iraqi type of ammunition pouch and is based off of British examples, but not as well made. These were intended to be used to carry magazines and other types, but in all reality the possibilities of what can be carried in these are endless. The pouch is in good condition and appears complete and without severe damage.

- Gas Decon With Contents: The kit appears to be complete. The top is stamped with:
تاريخ الصنع : حزيران ١٩٨٦ which translates to Manufacture Date: June 1986. So this was an old stockpile item that was brought out for use during OIF, which was a fairly common sight to see.

- Second Lieutenant Shoulder Slide: The slide appears to be Iraqi made and features a single star. The back has remnants of adhesive and paper and was more than likely used on a recognition board.

- x2 Beret Badges: One is a set of Paratrooper wings and the other is a general command insignia.

- Iraqi Made Desert Camouflage Uniform Set: This is a hard to find desert camouflage uniform with a great Arabic label sewn into the collar and various Iraqi Ministry of Defense stamps in the neck. These have never been worn. This particular desert camouflage pattern was first encountered in OIF and is an example of the lower quality Iraqi made uniform encountered in OIF compared to Desert Storm.

Due to the devastation felt in the Iraqi economy after Desert Storm, with international sanctions in place, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense spent much less on military supplies including uniforms. As a result, Iraq began to manufacture many of its own uniforms in the 1990s. The quality and durability of these Iraqi made uniforms was lower than the uniforms previously made for Iraq such as those made in Romania, South Korea and elsewhere.

Camouflage uniforms were a bit more common in OIF, but still the average Iraqi soldier was never issued a set. Green was fairly standard. Camouflage was considered the normal issue to The Republican Guard, Special Forces and Thunder Troops.

- Bug Tent / Shade Tent: This is a wonderful field used item and was used to protect the user from the harmful sun rays as well as offer slight bug protection. There are holes throughout, but this would have been a popular item to have used. If you ever spent the night in the sandbox then you know just how appreciated little items such as this was.

This is a wonderful and genuine U.S. bringback from Operation Enduring Freedom. All items come ready to display in your Global War on Terror collections!

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