Original Indian Firangi Sword Hilt Circa 1650 with 19th Century European Blade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The "Firangi" Sword was developed in India around 1500 and was a design with a "tail" protruding from the back of the hilt for use with the second hand to get extra purchase for use with the much stronger European forged steel blades being bartered with the early Portuguese traders.

The hilt of this example dates from the 17th century however the blade is a much later European style of late 18th century or 19th century.

We obtained this in our Nepalese Royal Arsenal purchase of 2003 and we understand this most likely came into Nepal with a fleeing Sepoy Rebel escaping the wrath of the British after the Great Sepoy Rebellion known as the Indian Mutiny of the late 1850s.

A most interesting a significant sword with very early origins but still, as it was first intended, bearing a European blade, fitted as a replacement probably 200 years later in the early 1800s, if only it could talk!

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