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Original Indian 19th Century Straight Blade Tulwar Sword with Gold/Silver Inlaid Hilt and Blade in Leather Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a seldom seen example of the rare "Straight Bladed" Tulwar war sword. Dating from the late 18th or early 19th century mostly, these have a very characteristic round nosed blade becoming broader at the front. Even though there is no curve, the 28 inch long blade still has a clear front and back edge. The blade ricasso extends about 8 inches, after which the remaining 22 inches of the front have a sharpened edge. The rear of the blade only has an edge for the last 8 inches, and has engraving on the unsharpened spine.

The rear 4-6 inches of the blade are inlaid with gold decoration which becomes less evident as one progresses down the blade. Most likely it originally extended the length of the engraving originally.  The typical Tulwar style disc hilt shows considerable traces on both sides of gold and silver inlaid designs.

Overall length of this tulwar is 33 inches, and it comes complete with its Original Leather Straight Scabbard with Silver cup mount to bottom.

Very Rare and Ready to Display, over 225 years old

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