Original Indian 18th Century Tulwar Battle Sword with Silver Inlaid Hilt - Circa 1750

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The tulwar (pronounced [t̪əlʋaːr]), also spelled talwaar and talwar, is a type of curved sword or sabre from the Indian Subcontinent, and is found in the modern countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is the "traditional" fighting sword of ancient India, with examples going back 400/500 years. The word tulwar itself originates from the Sanskrit word taravāri (Sanskrit: तरवारि ) which means "one-edged sword". The style originated alongside other curved swords such as the Persian shamshir, the Turkish kilij and the Afghan pulwar, all such swords being originally derived from earlier curved swords developed in Turkic Central Asia.

This fine example measures 35" in overall length and is fitted with a very curved blade of 30" which is really substantially made. The iron hilt features a round disc pommel and a single bar hand guard, together with an iron crossguard. This is all heavily inlaid with SILVER decorations, though age and time have removed some of the silver. Just in front of the guard, on the right hand side is a clear quite deeply impressed Armorer's Mark indicating this blades early manufacture. Silver inlaid tulwars are not often encountered.

The blade is very curved and still carries a very sharp edge so due care should be taken. A great example, ready to display!

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