Original Indian 17th Century Mughal Pata Armored Gauntlet Sword with 32" Spring Blade

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. These are not only very unusual but also extremely RARE. Known as a Mughal Empire Era "PATA" Sword, these usually date to the 17th Century. They were introduced first in Northern India by the Muslim Iranian "Mughals," who took over most of India in the 1600s. Using original European well tempered blades mostly dating from the 16th century and prior, some blades may very well date from the times of Columbus or even earlier to the late Crusades.

Indo Persian Armor is very characteristic and this sword falls right into place in that it features an "Armored Gauntlet Guard," giving protection not only to the hand, but also the forearm as well. This example has a 32" inch long double-edged spring steel blade, which is quite flexible, and could almost be used like a whip. This looks to be of local manufacture, but could also be a very old European blade, as they also used spring steel. Complete with the gauntlet hilt, this pata measures 47 inches in overall length. A odd and unusual weapon by any standard.

Our example is very old and originates from an old collection, still bearing the auction tag from when it was originally purchased. It shows much use and honest wear from it's possible 4-500 years of age. The armored gauntlet decorated is simple in design, though it does have some brass decorations around the edge.

Very rare and very old. A very nice original Mughal Pata Armored Gauntlet Sword, ready to display!

The pata or patta (Marathi:दांडपट्टा, Hindi: पट) is a sword, originating from the Indian subcontinent, with a gauntlet integrated as a handguard. Often referred to in its native Marathi as a dandpatta, it is commonly called a gauntlet-sword in English.

The pata has a long straight blade ranging in length from 10 to 44 inches. The blades were sometimes locally made and other times recycled from older European swords imported through colonial trade. In the case of European blades, broadswords were most common, though rapier blades were occasionally employed.

The characteristic feature of the pata is its hilt which takes the form of a half-gauntlet, the inside of which is usually padded. The hilt is attached to the blade by decorative arms that extend forward on both sides of the blade.

The Mughals developed a variation with matchlock pistols adjoining the handle. The hilt also has a long cuff which is usually decorated and in older examples inlaid and embellished with gold and silver. The swordsman holds the weapon by gripping a crossbar inside the gauntlet. The cuff is held close to the forearm by another bar or chain

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