Original Imperial Russian Crimean War Era M-1834 Tesak Sawback Heavy Pioneer Short Sword with Unit Markings

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a great example of a Classic Imperial Russian Sawback Pioneer Short Sword, called the M 1834 Тесак (Tesak), Russian for "Cleaver" or "Machete", and probably only the second that we have ever had! These swords were issued to pioneer troops and used extensively in the Crimean War again Britain, France and Turkey in the early 1850s. It has a huge 19" long heavy blade over 1 1/2 inches wide in most places, with saw teeth on the back. Measuring 24 3/8" overall, the Short Sword is fitted with a substantial solid Brass grooved hilt. The ricasso has some Russian Issue markings and the crossguard is dated 1834 on the left side.

The right side is marked with a great unit marking, which looks to read:

20. Р. 2. 241.

This is not a marking that we recognize, and we have actually not been able to find much at all about Imperial Russian regimental markings. We assume these are in the same type of format that the German markings would be in.

Condition of the Tesak is very good, showing some past oxidation on the blade, which was then cleaned away, leaving it looking very nice. The handle has a nice mellow brass patina, and overall it's a great looking piece.

The first we example have had in quite some time, as they are quite hard to find, and this one is definitely one of the better examples have ever seen. Ready to research and add to your collection!

Blade Length: 19"
Blade Style: Single Edge with Fuller and Sawback
Overall length: 24 3/8“
Crossguard: 4”

When the new tesak entered service in 1834 it was issued to the lower enlisted ranks of the pioneer service, where it replaced the very heavy curved 1827 pattern tesak falchion. It was also issued to the enlisted men of the foot artillery at the same time where it replaced the 1817 infantry tesak. The weapon would serve in this capacity for nearly twenty years in conflicts across Europe and Asia.

The Crimean War would prove to be its last major conflict however, as a new order dictated that the weapon was to be replaced by the 1855 pattern tesak - which was a more conventional design without the distinctive sawback edge. This change also streamlined production as it reduced the number of different swords in the army inventory, a practice that would continue for the remainder of the century.

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