Original Imperial Russian Crimean War Era Cossack Kindjal Dagger with Ivory Handle - c.1850

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A kindjal (translated from the Russian Кинжал) is a double-edged dagger often with a single off-set groove on each face of the blade. The shape of the weapon is similar to the ancient Greek Xiphos, the Roman Gladius, or the Scottish dirk; and has been used as a secondary weapon in Georgia and the Caucasus since ancient times. 

This presents very nicely and is somewhat older than those usually encountered. Traditionally these were carried by the Cossacks, the South Russian Cavalry, these are wicked doubled edged daggers of very traditional style.

This example has a blade length just under 15" and is 18" in overall length. The grip is made from wood on one side and what looks like some type of ivory on the other. There is some lovely engraved decoration on the ivory side, and the dome shaped securing rivets are covered in what looks like silver inlays. The blade has THREE major fullers to each side, which show some great etched designs inside them. There also appears to have been etching over a lot of the blade, which has now faded due to age and cleaning.

Clearly the sign of a superior quality item. It was acquired from a private collector, who purchased it from England, so it is quite possibly a Crimean war captured item. Already over 150-170 years of age this will display very nicely in any Crimean War collection!

Blade Length: 15"
Blade Style: Double Edged Spearpoint
Overall length: 18”

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