Original Imperial Russian Briquet Sword with Scabbard Circa 1805

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This appears to be the French Model IX Briquet sword supplied to Infantry as an auxiliary weapon. This particular example does not have the expected French engravings of Arsenal and date of issue usually found on the back of the back of the blade spine.

However, it has a double AA marking under a Crown indicating that it was made during the reign of Tsar Alexander (The Blessed) who ruled Russia from 1801-1825. This was the Tsar that fought Napoleon in 1812 and whose Armies harassed the French on the Grand Armee's great retreat from Moscow. Almost half a million men went in and fewer than 50,000 escaped.

It was not unusual with the emergence of Napoleon that half of Europe started copying the French model arms that Napoleon's troops carried, in the hope that they really were better designed.

This Russian Briquet Sword also bears a four-digit serial number on the blade but no other additional markings. The Briquet is a brass hilted D Guard Short sword with a 24-inch cutlass type blade and comes in its brass mounted leather scabbard.

This sword has just emerged from storage of over 100 years and has all the dirt and tarnish such a period of storage would inflict making it a true sleeper waiting some detailed cleaning and restoration. It even has some nicks in the blade from some Buccaneering Schoolboy encounters!

This is a rare Imperial Russian Briquet Sword of Tsar Alexander circa 1805.

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