Original Imperial Japanese WWII Gas Mask in Carry Bag - dated 1938

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very good, near excellent condition genuine WWII issue Japanese rubberized face mask, with metal rimmed clear lenses. There are also markings stamped into the top of the can, one of which is 昭 1 3, for the 13th year of the Showa era, or 1938. There are also other markings ink stamped into the exterior of the mask, and it appears to be a size NO 2.

The rubberized canvas mask is still fully intact, and unlike so many we see, it is still soft and pliable! There is no cracking that we can see, and even the defogging tubes on the interior are still soft and springy. Even the original straps on the mask, which are fabric covered rubber, are still soft and springy! The mask still has the original rubber hose attached, which is also in great flexible condition, and even comes with the metal clip to attach it to a filter, though it is slightly bent out of round. This is definitely the best that we have seen!

The mask comes in a very nice shoulder bag, which would hold onto the filter, as well as other items related to the gas mask. It is in very good condition, and even looks to have a port in the lid so that the hose can be run into the bag.

An excellent example of a Japanese Gas mask, dated 1938 and complete with an original carry bag. Ready to display!

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