Original Imperial Japanese Pre-WWI to WWII Military Medals of Honor Collection - 4 Items

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Original Items: Only One Set of 4 Available. Military Medal of Honor (従軍記章, jūgun kishō) was a military decoration for meritorious service to the Empire of Japan, formerly awarded to all military personnel who participated in battles in a war. These war medals and accompanying certificates specifically identify the conflict for which the decoration will have been awarded.

These decorations were effectively abolished during the Allied Occupation of Japan in the post-war years (1945–1951). The plausible re-institution of a modern equivalent was made unlikely by the adoption of Japan's post-war Constitution which disavows the right of the state to engage in aggressive war; but on-going political pressure for an amendment to Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution renders that prospect marginally possible.

This Lovely Set Includes:

1: 1904–05 Russo -Japanese War Medal in Case: This is a lovely, near mint condition example. A unique jūgun kishō was ordered on March 31, 1906 by Imperial Edict No. 51 in recognition of those who served in the war which occurred during the 37th and 38th years of the Meiji period -- Meiji 37-38 (1904–1905). This is more commonly known as the Russo-Japanese War. The front of the medal itself shows crossed Army and Navy flags on either side of the Imperial Chrysanthemum crest above and the Imperial Paulownia crest below.

2: 1931–1934 China Incident War Medal: The medal is in lovely condition with a beautiful dark patina. The China Incident Medal (Sina jihen jugun kisho) medal was created by Imperial Edit No. 496 on July 27, 1939 and awarded for service in China at any time from the 12th through the 20th years of the Shōwa period — Shōwa 12-20 (1937–1945). The decoration was abolished in 1946 by government ordinance No. 177.
Although the Japanese government still uses “China Incident” in formal documents, media in Japan often paraphrase it with other expressions like Japan-China Incident (日華事変 Nikka jihen) or (日支事変 Nisshi jihen). The word Shina is now construed by China as a derogatory term.

3: Japanese Showa Emperor Enthronement Medal: The medal is in lovely condition with minor wear and patina.The Showa Enthronement Commemorative Medal was created to celebrate the ascension of Emperor Hirohito (the Showa Emperor) to the throne, who did so upon the death of his father in 1926. The enthronement ceremonies were held in 1928. The medal was freely issued to people throughout the country who participated in the celebration ceremonies.

Some Showa Enthronement medals were struck in sharper relief, with the small gold chrysanthemum crest as an attached piece. The ribbon was apparently designed from the drapes of the enthronement pavilion.

The obverse shows the imperial throne with the words ‘Banzai‘ written below. Cherry and orange blossoms surround the ring. The reverse has cloud shapes and an inscription reading ‘Showa 3 [1928] November, Enthronement Commemorative Medal.‘

4: Fire Brigade Merit Badge: We have not been able to identify the location in which this badge would have been awarded. We believe it to be for the Yamagata Prefecture, but due to the rounded style early lettering it is hard to translate. The badge itself is in lovely condition with much of the color enamel being retained. The pin arm on the back is unfortunately missing.

All items come ready for research and display!

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