Original Imperial German WWI Triple Etched Army Artillery NCO Dove's Head Sword with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice example of a Dove's Head Dress sword worn by Army NCO's, with a lovely "Triple-Etched" nickel plated steel blade. This sword design is a simplified version of the Officer's dove's head sword, without the decorative designs and engraving usually seen on the hilt. It has a larger "D" guard used on German dress swords, with a simple cross guard without any rain guards (chappes). The hilt is nickel plated steel from what we can tell, and retains most of the nickel plating, with a lovely patina of age.

The grip is a very nice example, with leather over a wood base. There are no wire wrappings, nor any sign that it originally had some, however these typically did. There no looseness in the guard or hilt, which are still tight to the blade tang. The original red felt blade buffer is still present, however it is definitely worn from age and oxidation.

The 32 inch long triple etched blade of this example is in very good condition, and does not show any signs of use or abuse. It is unsharpened, as is correct for a dress sword, and doesn't have any major edge chips or nicks. These were not intended for combat use. The plating is still well retained, and the etching is fully visible. The "left" side of the blade is etched the usual stands of arms, crossed swords, and other military designs, as well as the motto of the Kingdom of Bavaria: IN TREUE FEST ("steadfast in loyalty").

The other side has the regimental designation, in Black Letter typeface:

Königl. Baÿr. 9. Feld Art. Regt.

This is an abbreviation for the Königlich Bayerisch 9. Feld Artillerie Regiment, or the 9th Royal Bavarian Field Artillery in the Imperial German Army. This regiment was first raised 1 October 1901 in Freising, Bavaria. It was fielded as part of the I Royal Bavarian Corps. The steel scabbard of of this example is painted black, which over the years has developed some checking and a very nice texture.

Overall an very good condition triple etched Imperial German Bavarian Field Artillery NCO's Sword, ready to hang on the wall!

Blade length: 32”
Overall length: 36 3/4”
Handguard: 4 1/2”L x 6”W
Scabbard length: 33”

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