Original Imperial German WWI Regiment Marked M1852 / 79 Heavy Cavalry Saber With Scabbard by Clemens & Jung - Dated 1881

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Original Item: Only One Available. By the mid 19th Century the Prussian Cavalry was still equipped with the "Blucher-saber". It had a simple stirrup hilt which offered little protection for the hand when used in combat. Some attempts were made to improve it by adding on additional bars, but it did not work. After a battle in July 1848 with Danish Dragoons, a Prussian trooper had written in a letter about his saber. Three of his comrades had had their fingers cut and knuckles wounded in the battle due to lack of proper hand protection. Much to the envy of their opponents, Danish troopers carried a basket hiked saber, which proved very successful.

Due to several complaints about cavalry sabers, the Prussian War Department decided to carry out certain trials with a new type of saber, which resembled the Blucher with the extra bars, but was a completely new design. This experimental type saber was the brainchild of these M1852/79 cavalry sabers which now feature a full basket with cutouts present.

The design is relatively plain, in some respects, especially compared to the higher end versions, however this type of sword has an elegance and simplicity that those cannot match.

The grip on this example is the standard leather over a wood base, and is not retained well at all with much of the leather missing and cracked wood. There is no brass wire or wrapping present and the notches in the handle are purely there to add additional grip. The original leather finger loop inside the basket is no longer present, nor is the original leather blade buffer. It looks like the basket was twice marked with a regiment with one etched out which was common practice as these swords saw long service lives. The “current” regiment is read as 20.T.P.2.50

The blade ricasso is nicely marked with:


This company was founded in 1860, and rapidly gained numerous domestic and foreign contracts for edged weapons. They entered the Solingen Commercial Register in 1876, and in 1898 registered the "Crowned Shield" logo, which has the letter Z inside the shield. This previously had been another maker's trademark, but it was transferred to Clemen & Jung. The company supplied many edged weapons for the First World War, and continued during the interwar period, and into the Third Reich period.The spine of the blade is marked with a 81 for production in 1881.

The edge of this blade is still very sharp but due to the fact that someone appears to have sharpened the sword and then replated the blade.

The scabbard of this example is in good condition, though it does show a lot of past surface oxidation on the exterior. It has the standard single hanger ring, and fits the sword well.

Overall a highly attractive sword from the days of the German Empire, ready to research display!

Blade Length: 34 ¼”
Hilt Length: 6”
Basket Dimensions: 6” x 5”
Scabbard Length: 35 ½”

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