Original Imperial German WWI Prussian Officer’s Einheits Schirmmutze Crusher Cap, Circa 1917

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A fantastic example of a late WW Imperial German Officer’s Crusher Cap, one of the most iconic pieces of headgear to come out of the Great War! This is the first example of this style cap we have had the pleasure of offering!

This is a circa 1917 “Einheits” (Universal) Schirmmutze (Visor Cap). The einheits style caps omitted the colored bands which previous models featured. All colored bands were to be replaced with a green colored band, which served as a form of camouflage in itself, as opposed to the various brighter colors used previously. Bavarian troops, however, did not utilize the standard green bands of the regular einheitsmutze, using caps of one solid shade. These single color caps, however, were not specific to Bavarians, as any officer could purchase and wear one, especially as the war continued into the final phases.

Of course, as officer’s items were private purchase, a wide array of materials and styles manifested themselves. This cap in particular has more of a brownish hue than the regular feldgrau typically seen. This, however, is not incorrect, as there was a variety as the war dragged on and chemical mordants and dyes became more and more scarce. Some of these later war dyes oxidized differently over the years, which very well may be the case here as well.

The cap features the classic German “Crusher” shape. The original faux leather sweatband is still intact (sans one tear in the front) and is securely sewn into place. The faux leather brim is in excellent condition, with a pleasing amount of surface crackling to the exterior lacquered finish. Best of all, the original leather chinstrap is intact and unbroken! The interior is lined with a green polished cotton, in which the name of the original owner is written: “Leut. Fiegrer” (Leutnant, “Lieutenant”). The cap features two cockades; a painted-brass National Color Cockade (Red/White/Black), and a Prussian (Black/White) Cockade made of celluloid.

One of the nicest, unplayed with, Imperial German Officer’s Visor Caps we have had the pleasure of offering! Ready for display!

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