Original Imperial German WWI Prussian EM/NCO Infantry M1915 Pickelhaube Spiked Helmet- Excellent Condition, and All Original!

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A stunning textbook example of an outstanding condition M-1915 Imperial Prussian Line Infantry enlisted man's Mannschaften (other ranks or EM / NCO) pickelhaube in excellent condition. The M1915 was the last model of Pickelhaube issued prior to the move to steel helmets. In accordance with the 1915 regulations, these helmets would no longer use brass, silver, or Tombak as the M1895 did. All issued Pickelhaube would now use gray oxidized steel fittings for all Regiments. As with previous versions, the body was constructed from boiled leather, which was shaped and lacquered black.

This helmet features an oxide plated steel frontplate (wappen), and the crown of this leather helmet displays a vented enlisted removable spike mounted on a steel baseplate, which still correctly comes off. There is also a small adjustable vent on the spine that supports the rear skirt, only seen on the enlisted helmets, which is also still fully functional, though stiff.

The front wappen features a crowned Prussian state eagle clutching a scepter and orb in its claws, over the King's motto, MIT GOTT FÜR KOENIG UND VATERLAND (With God for King and Country, i.e. Prussia).

It is complete with original Prussian (black and white) and German National Colors (red white and black) Kokarden (cockades) around the chin strap lugs. For reference: In 1897 the new Reichs-Kokarde in Red-White-Black was introduced for all ranks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st. The Reichs-Kokarde was to be worn on the right side of the helmet, and the state Kokarde was moved to the left, as on this helmet.

The attached original chin strap is in great condition, which completes the outward appearance of this particular example. The original liner is present and in exceptional conditio considering its age. However, the top string is missing, which is understandable as they are very fragile, and a few fingers exhibit rips where the liner drawstring pulled through the leather. The liner is in beautiful condition and is still soft. The original leather thongs which secured the Wappen as missing (which could easily be replaced if one so desired), and the securing bracket for the underside of the spike, which should be located on the underside of the spike base in the crown, is unfortunately missing. These detractions, however, do not detract from the outward appearance or displayability of this particular helmet at all.

The exterior of the helmet shell is in very good shape, with very little change to the shape, and the black enamel exhibits a nice sheen still. There are areas of cracking and crazing, but they just serve to add to the lovely patina of age. The front and rear visors are still quite well attached to the helmet. The front and rear visors appear to be completely attached.

Size marked is 55cm.

Overall a very nice condition Imperial Prussian pickelhaube, perfect for any WWI collection!

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