Original Imperial German WWI Naval 15cm Cannon Gun Sight by Carl Zeiss of Jenna

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptional excellent condition 15cm Naval Cannon gun sight manufactured at the end of the Great War by legendary Carl Zeiss company of Jenna. This is a heavy exceptionally well made sight comprised of brass and stainless steel. Overall condition is excellent, the sight features perfect optics with 4 filtered rotating lens; clear, tint, yellow and green. The filters rotate perfect via the use of a pull tab. Only issue is that the rubber eye cup has a small tear. Overall length of the sight is 19 inches. Also includes the original wood transit chest box. The sight is marked:

15 cm Tbts. K.L/45 Nr. R

The 15 cm/45 (5.9") Tbts KL/45 Cannon was a lighter weight gun used near the end of World War I on large destroyers and "U-boat Kreuzers." The difference between the models was in the mountings, the guns themselves were identical. A Flak version of the latter gun was produced but details are lacking.

Following the end of World War I, ships armed with these guns were transferred to the Allies as war reparations, including the destroyer S113 which was recommissioned in the French Navy as Amiral Sénès. The easy and reliable operation of the semi-automatic gun breeches aboard this ship impressed French ordnance officers who copied the design for their 138.6 mm/40 (5.46") Model 1927. The French later reused the German guns to arm two merchant cruisers during World War II.

During World War II the Germans used these guns to arm merchant ship raiders, supply ships and as coastal artillery.

All German 15 cm guns had an actual bore diameter of 14.91 cm (5.87 in).
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