Original Imperial German WWI M-1889 Württemberg Uhlan Regiment König Karl No.19 Etched Presentation Sword

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a stunning example of a beautiful classic Nickel-Plated Imperial German WWI Presentation Sword version of the Model 1889 Cavalry Sword. It conforms to the Model 1889 standard quite well, with a straight thrusting blade, and a basket hilt guard. The presentation version is of course quite less robust than the cavalry issue, and these were privately purchased, so there is no acceptance marking on the spine.

The guard is of the "fold-away" variety, and that portion also bears the Wurttemberg Crest on it t. The grip is molded bakelite or gutta percha, and is in very good shape, with little wear, and no cracks or chips. Both the leather and red felt blade buffers are still present, and in good shape.

The 32 inch blade of this example is in excellent condition, with just a few scratches and areas of oxidation where the plating has flaked. It has an incredible triple-etched design, meaning it is on both sides as well as the spine of the blade. The designs have the typical borders and floral designs, but also lots of images of horses, as hussars are a type of cavalry. The left side has a large panel showing a cavalry engagement between two different mounted forces, possibly from the Franco-Prussian War or early in WWI. The main panel on the right side also has a unit designation, written in German Script:

Ulanen Regt. König Karl (I.Württ.) No.19

This would indicate that the original owner was a member of the Uhlan Regiment König Karl (I. Wurttemberg) No. 19. In addition, there is a stamped set of letters on the thumbrest of the guard, which read “H.Z.”. This could either be the original owner’s initials, or possibly the military abbreviation for “Hauptquartier” (Headquarters), for example.

Overall an excellent condition highly attractive M1889 Cavalry Presentation sword from the Imperial German Kingdom of Württemberg Uhlan unit! Ready to research and display!


Blade length: 32”
Blade Style: Single Edge Fullered Spear point
Overall length: 38”
Handguard: 4 1/2”W x 4 3/4”L

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