Original Imperial German WWI Kingdom of Saxony Artillery EM-NCO Model 1895 Pickelhaube Helmet - Kugelhelm

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very good condition, smart-looking enlisted pickelhaube from a Saxony Artillery Regiment, which was most likely used during World War One. On this version of the Pickelhaube, a ball representing a cannon ball replaced the usual spike, leading this to be referred to as an Artillerie Kugelhelm (Artillery Ball-Top Helm). The M1895 was the final pre-1914 evolution in a long series of pickelhaube helmets. The helmet retains the correct all brass alloy fittings, and the "ball top" can still unscrew for the addition of a plume if desired.

This helmet features a wappen (front plate) with a gilt brass star, on top of which is a "German Silver" coat of arms of the Königreich Sachsen (Kingdom of Saxony), which is surrounded by leaves and topped by a King's Crown. The front plate is affixed by the late 19th century pattern nuts and bolts, which were replaced by leather wedges near the turn of the century. The “cannonball” ball finial is in excellent condition.

It is complete with the Saxon (green and white) and German National Colors (red white and black) kokarden (cockades) around the chin strap lugs. In 1897 the new Reichs-Kokarde in Red-White-Black was introduced for all ranks to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st. The Reichs-Kokarde was to be worn on the right side of the helmet, and the state Kokarde was moved to the left, as on this example.

The lacquer finished leather is in very good condition having no serious issues, just the usual cracking, flaking, and finish crazing due to age. There is also definitely some level of leather shrinkage due to age, which is why some fittings are somewhat loose. The chinscales are correct for this pickelhaube, as both enlisted and officer ranks used them on Saxon Artillery Helmets. They are in good condition but does show extensive repairs via glue and other adhesives. The inside liner is still present, and shows signs of extensive wear. It presents as complete and even has the top adjustable string, though worn.

The front leather visor has brass trim in very good condition, and the metal spine that descends from the spike's baseplate to the edge of the rear visor is also in very good condition. Both visors are however loose, as the stitching has stretched and possibly rotted out, something seen very often with these helmets as they dry out and age.

Overall a very nice condition Imperial German pickelhaube from the Kingdom of Saxony, a great addition to any collection. Ready to display!

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