Original Imperial German Franco-Prussian War Veterans Flag and Staff Dated 1870-1871

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This flag came from a prominent collector from the Southern United States and is a spectacular item. Measuring 57-inches wide by 48-inches tall, it is fully framed.

The flag features the Imperial German Spread Eagle in a gold circle under a Crown and blue ribbon stating "Krieger Verein" to the top and "Selters" to the bottom.

All enclosed by a laurel wreath laid upon a Black, White and Red background of the National Colors. The flag is dated across the bottom in gold numerals "1870-1871".

Slight moth damage and evidence of the gold fringe fraying can also be seen. We know from experience that this is a double-sided flag, the other side depicting the famous Lady Liberty style figure of "The Watch over the Rhine" (fans of our TV show Family Guns will remember a second very similar flag we had to this, which was sold in 2011). This flag could certainly benefit from being mounted in a double-sided frame mounting.

On the back is Germania a depiction of "German Values"

"The Empire achieved by sword hold dearly and high in peace."

"Das Reich errungen , mit dem Schwert im frieden haltet's hoch und werth."

Completing this offering we even have the original two-piece flag staff which comes complete with decorative brass type spear head decorated with Military trophies and a shield bearing the Eagle coat of arms of Prussia. The Fag pole even retains the brass flag-securing rod and gold thread roping with tasseled ends.

Truly amazing that this could have survived for almost one hundred and forty years. Ready to display with framed flag and separate matching flag staff.

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