Original Hungarian WWII Molotov Cocktail 39/A Incendiary Grenade in Carry Case - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a super rare hardly seen WWII, example offered in very good condition, complete with the even rarer Steel Carry Case! We have only had one of these grenades before, and it did not have the case. This grenade is totally inert according to specifications provided by the ATF.

This glass "Molotow" was especially made for military use in Hungary during WWII. It was filled with a gasoline mixture. The base held a cavity for 2 chemical ampules glued in place, which reacted violently with the fluid which shattered on impact. The bottles were carried in metal containers which could be attached to a uniform, such as the example included with this set.

The grenade measures 7.5 inches tall, and overall condition is very good, with no cracks in the thin green glass that we can see. It still has the original aluminum screw top, though it has corroded a bit. There is also still the original glue and a bit of an ampule housing on the bottom in the cavity.

The carry case is in very good condition, with the expected dents and light wear and rust due to being 70+ years old. It still has an intact belt loop, and the catch for the lid works correctly.

A wonderful example, the first we have had in this wonderful complete condition. Ready to display!

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