Original Group of Four Leather Holsters Victorian Era to Cold War - Circa 1890 - 1950

Item Description

Original Items: One group of four only. Here are Four holsters that appear totally unmarked, but are in basically good serviceable condition, dating from 1880 to around 1950.

The first is a Victorian Revolver holster that had a built in blade under the barrel, very rare and only a few months back we actually sold such a revolver. This example must have had quite a long blade to the revolver. The holster measures approximately 19 inches long.

The holster second is WWII era, probably 9mm or 9mm largo pistol flap top brown leather holster.

The final two could be late WWII or early Cold War black leather holsters, one of which has a body strap attached to the back loops. They are otherwise identical in design. These have full front leather cover, a spare magazine pocket and a cleaning rod pocket, all empty we're afraid.

All in good shape, the Victorian holster has some damage to its buckle strap, easy to replace. Offered as a group, ready to add to your collection!

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