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Original Greek or Balkan All Iron Pan Powder Flask circa 1790

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Original Item: One Only. This is very attractive and in remarkable condition for its age. Early Gun Powder right up to the mid 19th Century was very unstable and usually poorly manufactured. It was necessary therefore to reserve the finest small grain powder for use in the ignition pans only, the coarser powder being used for the main charge.

Here is a very cute small all iron pan powder flask of traditional form from Greece or the Balkan region exclusively intended to carry the very fine pan powder. Only 5 1/2" in length it is beautifully constructed from iron, the bottom plate of which is delicately fretted out in typical ethnic designs. Using a sprung lever opening system this ensured only the precise amount of the fine powder be used in each pan charge.

This is exactly what accompanied the Migulet / Flintlock Jezails or Tanchika muskets of the period. Totally original and ready to display with your antique Balkan/Greek musket.

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