Original German WWII Wehrmacht Wrist Watch by Dogma - Fully Functional

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a rare vintage 1939-1944 Swiss made, under military order for Germany, mechanical men’s “D-H” style wrist watch by Büren. Known as a D-H service wristwatch of the German Army for Wehrmacht officers and soldiers during WWII. All parts of the watch are 100% original with the exception of the leather wristband.

This example has a beautiful original metal chrome case with stainless steel screw-back. Reverse of screw-back is not impressed with a D-H issue number, but a “D” number that is 561800.

This genuine vintage German military Glycine wristwatch from the WWII period is offered in very good FULLY FUNCTIONAL condition. Constructed as a two piece case with fixed lugs bars, body with acrylic crystal, original chromium coating, screwed stainless steel back.

Chromium plated original crown, original black dial, military style, marked on face:


The company started making watches as early as 1860 since in the 60’s of the 20th century they celebrated their 100th anniversary. Later on – in 1909 the company struck a deal with a watch/gold retailer Siegmund Neumann who owned several stores in Basel and Luxemburg. It’s very likely that later on, during the World War II this cooperation helped them become one of the Swiss manufacturers making “Dienstuhren” or Service watches for the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe. Some of their watches from that period are housing Landeron movements, but they’ve mostly used the A. Schild S.A (AS) 1130 movement as most of the other comparable German Service Watches providers did – Phenix, Freco, Bulla, Glycine, Helma, Choisi, Nisus, Midi, Era, Flora, Gala, Onda, BWC, Pront, etc. Their pieces during World War II were of superb quality.

Recessed sub-dial for small seconds at 6, luminous Arabic numerals, luminous baton steel hands manual winding movement.

Fully cleaned and oiled and runs correctly.

There is no warranty for this watch and returns for a non-working watch will not
be honored. Please note all watches are wound and tested then recorded on video before shipment. We are not in the watch repair business - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The German Army issued wristwatches to their officers of the Deutsches Heer (The German Army). The Letters DH found on the reverse of the case designated that the watch was made in Switzerland under military order for Germany during the WWII.
The German ARMY had watches produced and retailed by companies such as ARSA (Auguste Reimond), Alpina, Mulco, Titus, Minerva, Record, Zenith, Silvana, Helvetia, Longines. And also (mixed up with German): Büren, Doxa, Dogma, Glycine, Gala, Mimo, Phenix, Record watch Co., Recta, Para, Leonidas, Revue, TritonA, Wagner, B.W.C., Grana, Helios, Moeris, Helma, Siegerin, Vogele, Zentra, Laco, Stowa ,Wempe, IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Hanhart, Glashutte.

The pocket as well as the wristwatch had screwed backs and were shock resistant. The dial was black with a small second hand with radium digits and hands. The back was marked "D.H." (Deutsches Heer), with the case number. The watches were partly deployed and written into the soldier's book, and also sold to army staff. It is not entirely clear what D H stands for. Some writers suggest the D stands for Deutsches (Germany) and the H for Heer (Army). Some prefer the interpretation given by Konrad Knirim (, who has written that the D stands for Dienstuhr (Service Watch) and the H = Heer (Army). However, it is not entirely clear that DH watches were originally intended for the Army alone, given documented instances where the service record books of members of the Luftwaffe (Air Force) have been found with DH watch serial numbers written as issued to these troops. In addition to watches marked with DH, there are some identical watches with only the letter D in front of the serial number and no H after the number. Collectors speculate that these D only watches were for the Luftwaffe. Others speculate that these watches were used by Para-military personnel such as those working in railroads. However, given that the WWII German records have been lost we really don’t know for sure how these watches were issued.

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