Original German WWII Wehrmacht Rundblickfehrnrohr 36 – Rbl.F.36 – PaK36 Pak38 Pak40

Item Description

Original Item: Fantastic German Rundblickfehrnrohr 36, Rblf36 Scope, as used by various Pak and anti-tank guns, as well as Kriegsmarine coastal batteries. This scope was used on the Pak38, Pak36, Pak40 and others!

The Rbl.F. 10 panoramic telescope is a 4-power, fixed focus type with a field of view of 36 degrees, used of indirect fire. The line of sight may be raised or lowered by rotation of the angle of site knob. The angle of site scale is graduated from 100 mils to 500 mils (300 mils is normal). The angle of site micrometer is graduated in mils from 0 to 100 mils.

The azimuth scales on the vertical barrel of the telescope are graduated in 100-mil intervals; the upper scale, 0 to 64, is fixed in relation to the rotating head. The lower has two semi-circular scales numbered 0 to 32 and can be rotated independently of the rotating head. The azimuth micrometer includes two scales graduated in mils from 0 to 100 mils. The outer scale can be rotated independently of the azimuth worm. Evidently the fixed azimuth scale and micrometer are used for initial laying of the piece and the second scale and micrometer are then zeroed and used to measure base deflection. A throw-out lever is provided for rapid setting in azimuth. A locking lever locks the azimuth micrometer in any setting.

Used on the Pz.Kfw. 38(t) Pz.Kfw. I, Pz.Kfw. II, StuG IV, JadgPz. IV, Panzerjagr Tiger (p) (Elefant), Sd.Kfz. 251/9 and others.

Constructed of aluminum and steel, this aiming scope retains 90% of its original finish with very little corrosion. The manufacture code cme and data information is stamped into the side. Also included is the original transit case. Scope measures W 10" x L 6 3/4" x H 4 1/2"

Overall an excellent condition artillery scope with transit box.
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