Original German WWII Wehrmacht Goulash Cannon Accessory Set

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Original Items: The first field kitchens were carried in four-wheeled wagons by military units on campaign throughout history. Indeed, this method of feeding a large travelling group of people was often used, such as on the Wagon Trail in late 19th Century America where the Chuckwagon was employed. By the 20th Century, smaller two-wheeled trailers, became common, especially with the invention of locomotive travel. Field Kitchens were often given affectionate nicknames.

Karl Rudolf Fissler of Idar-Oberstein invented a mobile field kitchen in 1892 that the Germans came to refer to as a Gulaschkanone (Goulash Cannons) because the chimney of the stove resembled ordnance pieces when disassembled and limbered for towing. As technology has advanced larger trailers have evolved as horses were phased out in favor of motorized vehicles more capable of towing heavier loads. In WWII the mobile canteens was used as a morale booster as well as a necessity of the war effort.

Recently acquired from a collector that specialized in WWII mess reenactments this is a fantastic rare set. Included is-

• Aluminum goulash wagon Gulaschkanone spice container which reads GEWURZ (spice in German) and is clearly stamped H.R.E 1937 with a fine Waffenamt WaA101. Used for dry spices such as salt, pepper or sugar. One dent, but otherwise very good condition.
• Goulash wagon small mobile hot food container, designed to be easily carried or worn as a backpack for small excursions on foot. Top cover enameled inside, missing main body enamel insert. Measures 16 x 15 x 8.5 inches. Shows surface rust but overall soild good condition with functioning locking top.
• Large hot foot container measuring 22 inches tall and 17-inch diameter. Designed with steel exterior and locking hinged closure. The intact enamel insert measures 16 tall with a 14 inch diameter, even has often missing enamel inner lid which was also used as a serving platter. Enamel in good condition, exterior steel shows surface rust, but overall solid good condition.

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