Original German WWII Wehrmacht and Civilian Medals and Uniform Insignia Lot - 15 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 15 Available. This is a wonderful lot of items which were more than likely brought home by American soldiers at the end WWII. They are in lovely condition and are perfect for the young collector who is looking to add a variety of medals and insignia to bolster their collections!

The Following Items Are Included:
- 1st Pattern Frauenschaft Women’s Organization Badge: An alloy and enamel badge in the form of an inverted triangle. "Nat Soz Frauenschaft" is in the white band at the top of the obverse, underneath is a white cross against a black background. To the center of the cross is a red, static swas, and "G" is to its left arm, "H" to its right, and "L" to its base. These letters signify the Frauenschaft motto, "Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe" (Faith, Hope, Love). All of the letters, and the edges of the swas, cross, and the badge itself, are in the same color as its alloy base.

- Black Wound Badge: Badges were made of pressed steel, brass and zinc. All versions of the Wound Badge were worn on the lower left breast of the uniform or tunic. The badge was worn below all other awards on the left. It ranked lower than combat badges. There were 24 approved manufacturers of the Wound Badge. At first, the Wound Badge in Black was stamped from sheet brass, painted semi-matte black with a hollow reverse pin back attachment or of solid construction. From 1942, steel was used to make the badges. The Wound Badge in silver was made (before 1942) from silver-plated brass, and (after 1942) from lacquered zinc, and had a solid reverse with either a needle pin or a broad flat pin bar. The Wound Badge in Gold was a gilded version of the Wound Badge in Silver. In 1957, a revised version of the Wound Badge was authorized for wear; however, the previous type could still be worn if the swas were removed (for example by grinding).

Most of the original black paint is missing from this example, do not mistake this for being a Gold version of the award. The pin and catch are missing and a previous owner decided to put a small nail through it.

- WHW (Winterhilfswerk) Bayern Tinnie: Produced for ‘Winter Help Work’, public fundraising charity for the state of Bavaria. Cloth embroidered example in metal frame.

- Breast Eagle: The eagle is embroidered on a green wool background. Unfortunately, a previous owner glued the eagle onto a display, backwards.

- 2x German Army Specialty / Rank Badges: The badges do not appear to be used and are for Signal Personnel and Obersoldat.

- 2x Stick Pins: The pins are in good condition with much of the original colors, enamel and finish retained. The pins are 1935/36 WHW Magdeburg and Aachen 1897 Track Club.

- x2 Tinnies

- x2 Litzen Collar Tabs and 1 Stripe: The litzen are in good condition but stained and faded. They are for Armored Corps and Signals.

- Italian 11 Armata 1940 Cross Pendant: Great condition. The 11th Army (Italian: 11ª Armata) was a World War II field army of the Royal Italian Army. It was formed in November 1940 for service in the Greco-Italian War, and after the German invasion of Greece and the capitulation of that country in April 1941, assumed occupation duties in the Greek mainland. It remained on station in Greece until the Armistice of Cassibile on 8 September 1943, when it was forcibly disbanded by the Germans.

- Imperial German “Hindenburg Cross” Ribbon With Crossed Swords: Great condition with minor age toning present.

All items come more than ready for further research and display!

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