Original German WWII Walther Model 34 Leuchtpistole LP34 Dated 1937 with Matching Serial Numbers

Item Description

Original Item: This is a very fine 1936 dated 27mm Model 34 German WW2 Walther flare pistol known as The Mod. 34 Leuchtpistole or LP34. This example has 80% of its original finish, with a superb steel frame and early alloy barrel. It has multiple early eagle waffent amts and inspector marks indicate this is an early manufactured gun that bears the serial number 6508 on BOTH the frame and the barrel. The checkered dark brown bakelite grips are in perfect superb condition. The frame is marked Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis (Thür) for Thüringenn 1937. It is fully functional with a nice sharp original firing pin and almost clean bore. This is a very attctive LP34 and comes complete with a discharged original German WWII green flare.

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