Original German WWII Vehicle Motorized Unit Communications Aerial Antenna Rare- Dated 1942 with Makers Marking

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. What we have found is the major Aerial system for very up market field communications for German Officers of the highest level. Collapsible, this opens up like a very substantial upside down skeletal umbrella. Each of the five arms is 55" long with steel ball on the top. The whole apparatus is sprung loaded and can be collapsed and stowed for quick deployment elsewhere. The Aerial comes complete with Bakelite insulated cable connector and is attached to the roof of the Command Center or Field Headquarters by a relatively simple pipe clamp at its base.

Maker marked EXPRESSWERKE A.G.

NEUMARK OPF (somewhat hard to read under the paint).

DATED 1942

The paint covering the steel Aerial is sand color (with some rust poking through here and there) hopefully indicating an AFRIKAKORP connection. In any event, this is an amazing genuine high ranking German Officer's Field Headquarters? Aerial assembly. Measuring just over 60" overall when closed we imagine it must span perhaps 80" across when erected. Currently folded in compact storage mode, as we found it, it needs a bit of penetrating oil to return it to opened and deployed WW2 glory.

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