Original German WWII USGI Captured and Decorated M34 Civic Steel Helmet - size 55

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very interesting genuine steel construction M34 Civic helmet, which unlike many does not have the "square dip" transition from the visor to the rest of the skirt. It was probably original set up for Polizei (police) or Feuerwehr (fire brigade) use, but the original decals were completely removed from the exterior of the helmet, while the black paint was retained. There are some areas of scratching and paint loss, but no major damage to the shell, and after it was captured various phrases and symbols were added to the exterior in white paint. One of these was a white Swas (hook cross) on the left side.

The front of the helmet has the following message painted:

"Whats YOURS"

While the rear reads:


And the left side reads:


These are some famous messages usually seen during the WWII period. All of the personalization was added some type ago, and chips and rust that affect other parts of the helmet also affect the added writing. Really a great display piece here!

The helmet comes with a complete civic style leather liner attached with cork spacers, with all four split pins still present. The liner is mostly intact, and still has the top supports present with the crown pad. The leather has torn and deteriorated along the edge, however all of the "fingers" are still intact, one of which is marked with size 55. The top tie string is missing, and the chin strap is broken on one side, with the remnants delicate. Four of Five tabs for attaching the rear skirt are still present, though they are stiff and somewhat cracked. We checked the interior of the helmet, and there is a maker mark on the underside of the rear skirt, a small diamond shaped mark that we have seen on these helmets before.

I really nice USGI bring back personalized M34 helmet with great display potential!

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