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Original German WWII USGI Bring Back Grouping: Death Cards, Medals, Tinnies & Stick Pin

Item Description

Original Replica Items:  After the end of WWII, USGI's brought home a multitude of German WWII items, including all types of medals, awards, and other memorabilia. NSDAP Germany had produced large numbers of medals and other items during their rule, seen as a way of controlling the populace and instilling a feeling of unity. This is a very nice bring back set consisting of the typical items available post war for USGI's to bring back. These were purchased as part of a lot at an estate sale.

This very nice set set consists of:

  • An original German WWII Sterbebilder (Death Picture), for Unteroffizier Josef Wagner, a Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Trooper) who was killed during 1942 in Russia. Known to collectors as a death card, these paper cards show a photograph of the deceased soldier, usually in uniform, and contain some personal information. Since these cards were given as a prayer card at the soldier’s funeral, the reverse often depicts religious themes.
  • An original German WWII Sterbebilder (Death Picture), for Luftwaffe Wachtmeister und Zugführer eines Geschutzzüges (Sergeant and platoon leader of a gun platoon) Franz Größbacher, who was killed during 1943 in Sicily.
  • A German WWII War Merit Cross 2nd Class (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse or KvK II) with swords, in excellent condition, complete with the original ribbon.
  • A German WWII Cross of Honour of the German Mother or Mutterkreuz (Mother’s Cross) in Silver, for six or seven children, with ribbon. The cross is definitely somewhat worn, and looks like the bronze cross from the front, but on the rear it still has a lot of plating, so it is definitely the silver award.
  • A German WWII buttonhole Ribbon for an Iron Cross and a Hindenberg Cross with Swords.
  • Two German WWII Silver Shoulderboard "pips" for rank designation
  • A German WWII Luftwaffe Collar Tab "wing" for rank designation.
  • A German WWII 1935 TAG DER ARBEIT (Labor Day) Tinnie maker marked on reverse: GEBR. FEST MANAU.
  • A German WWII Thüringen (Thuringia) NSDAP Tinnie 1925 - 1935, with pin back attachment.
  • A German WWII  SA/NSDAP Metal Edelweiss Hat Insignia, with the attachment prongs broken off.
  • A German WWII NSDAP Swas (Swas) stick pin, with red translucent enamel on the swas.
  • A 10 Reichspfennig stamp with a Portrait of Adolf AH on it, sealed in a cardboard and plastic sleeve. The stamp indicates Bohemia and Moravia at the bottom.

These look great, and would be perfect to spruce up a uniform, or fill a hole in your collection at a much more economical price. Many of these are so old that they are themselves now collectors items. Ready to display!

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