Original German WWII USGI Bring Back Grouping: Death Card, Medals, Tinnies & Stamp

Item Description

Original Replica Items:  After the end of WWII, USGI's brought home a multitude of German WWII items, including all types of medals, awards, and other memorabilia. NSDAP Germany had produced large numbers of medals and other items during their rule, seen as a way of controlling the populace and instilling a feeling of unity. This is a very nice bring back set consisting of the typical items available post war for USGI's to bring back. These were purchased as part of a lot at an estate sale.

This very nice set set consists of:

  • An original German WWII Sterbebilder (Death Picture), for Schützen Andreas Schwarz, who was killed during 1941 in Russia.Known to collectors as a death card, these paper cards show a photograph of the deceased soldier, usually in uniform, and contain some personal information. Since these cards were given as a prayer card at the soldier’s funeral, the reverse often depicts religious themes
  • A German WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, or EKII), missing the ribbon. There is no maker mark, however it is in relatively good condition.
  • A German WWII 1939 Kriegsverdienstmedaille (War Merit Medal), complete with the original ribbon, in very good condition.
  • A German WWII Veterans Association Metal Breast Eagle, maker marked 23.
  • A German WWII RLB Donation tinny marked LUFTSCHUTZ TUT NOT - "Air protection is necessary"
  • A German WWII 1935 SEEFAHRT IST NOT (Seafaring is necessary) Tinnie. This was given out for German Seafaring Day (TAG DER DEUTSCHEN SEEFAHRT) , May 25-26 1935. Maker marked DESCHLER & SOHN of Munich.
  • A German WWII REICHSPARTEITAG (Reich's Party Day) tinnie by Wilhelm Kolwitz, Bergedorf b. Hamburg, RZM M9/72.
  • A Fabric and Metal Meeting Tinnie marked ANNABERG S-S-O-S 1921-1931, made by Dr. R.Morisse & Co, Elberfeld
  • A 10 Reichspfennig stamp with a Portrait of Adolf AH on it, sealed in a cardboard and plastic sleeve. The stamp indicates Bohemia and Moravia at the bottom.

These look great, and would be perfect to spruce up a uniform, or fill a hole in your collection at a much more economical price. Many of these are so old that they are themselves now collectors items. Ready to display!

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