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Original German WWII USGI Bring-back Grouping: Army Heer Belt, Eagle Badges & Armband

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Original Item: Only One Available. We just received this from the family of a WWII soldier, who had brought back this small Souvenir set from the WWII European / German theater. This very nice set consists of:

- A very nice WWII German Wehrmacht Heer (Army) EM/NCO's Belt with Steel Buckle (Koppelschloß). The buckle is embossed with the Heer motto GOTT MIT UNS ("God [is] with us") surrounding a NSDAP Party Eagle. The belt buckle does have most of the paint worn off the front, with some retained on the back. The leather tab indicates pre 1941 manufacture, however it is quite worn and broken in, so the maker mark cannot be read.

The black leather belt measures 37” when fully extended, and is in good condition, with the expected wear from use in service. It has a number 95 stamped into it, for 95 cm (37.4 inches). A good amount of the original finish is still present on the leather, however it is flaking in areas. The original stitching is fully intact, and it has a great worn in look.

- Two German WWII Heer Army uniform breast eagles, one hand bullion embroidered, and one BeVO style machine embroidered.  These were both removed from uniforms, and still have traces of the original stitching. The bullion eagle is typical of earlier war uniforms, and does have some moth degradation. It also has a repair around the neck of the eagle where it was stitched back together. The BeVO eagle is quite nice, with very nice aluminum thread, and a green backing.

- A Narrow NSDAP Party armband, the typical red color with a white circle and mobile Swas (Swas). The armband measures 17 1/5 x 1 3/4, and was at one time sewn together in the back. It has light wear, but nothing major.

Together this make a very nice bring-back set from WWII Germany. Kept together by the family for 70 years, and now offered for purchase.

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