Original German WWII USGI Bring Back Grouping - 3 Awards, 1 Armband & 1 Breast Eagle

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice USGI Bring Back Set, purchased recently from the family of a WWII veteran, who no longer had any use for these German WWII items. The set consists of several awards, and armband, and a very nice Kriegsmarine breast eagle.

This grouping consists of the following German WWII items:

- German WWII Deutsche Wehrmacht Machine Embroidered Armband with Depot Stamp. These were worn by uniformed German personnel, who were attached to the Armed Forces during WWII. Often, these were worn by men of the Reichsarbeitsdienst and Reichsbahn who were operating with the German Army in the occupied countries. This example is machine embroidered, and has had the stitching that holds it together taken out. It may have been attached to a uniform or clothing at some point, and shows some light staining.

- TWO War Merit Cross 2nd Class (Kriegsverdienstkreuz II or KvK II) Awards with Ribbons. Both awards are in very good condition, with a nice patina on the metal cross. They are the version "without swords", so they were awarded for actions not directly connected with combat. This was a decoration of NSDAP Germany during the Second World War, which could be awarded to military personnel and civilians alike. By the end of the war it was issued in four degrees, and had a related civil decoration. It was created by Adolf AH in October 1939 as a successor to the non-combatant Iron Cross which was used in earlier wars.

- Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge (Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber). This is in very good condition, with a lovely oxidized patina. This was was a German war badge awarded to Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht Heer soldiers during the Second World War. This decoration was instituted on 20 December 1939 by the Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall Walther von Brauchitsch. It could be awarded to members of non-motorized Infantry units and units of the Gebirgsjäger that had participated in infantry assaults, with light infantry weapons, on at least three separate days of battle in the front line on or after 1 January 1940.

- German WWII Kriegsmarine Field Gray Uniform Embroidered Breast Eagle. This could be from a Küstenartillerie (Coastal Artillery) uniform, as they wore the field gray uniform as standard equipment, unlike the rest of the kriegsmarine. It is in good condition, showing staining and some mothing.

A very nice set, a great way to get into German WWII badge and insignia collecting. Ready to display!

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